MySmile is the lightweight open-source CMS based on Django. It helps to create websites with configurable design and minimum cost.

MySmile is best choose for:
  • Small websites aimed on static content with limited dynamic. For example such: "Startup business", "Personal site", "Conference", etc.
  • Some prototypes/ideas that now looks tiny but has enormous potential to grow. Because MySmile use Django framework it breaks all barriers for implementation your new features.
  • Freshmen Python developers for studying and experimenting.
Innovation MySmile features:
  • Use newspaper text organize technology like: columns, incuts.
  • REST API helps construct mobile and desktop application
  • Moreover REST API client is available
  • Design can be modified by admin panel without any additional program coding.
  • There are more then 27 unique designers combination! How we get them? Let's look into calculation. Every page consists of the 3 parts: central-column, right-column, bottom-column. Right-column can have 3 columns. And right-column has also 3 components: photo, youtube, text. Additionally every element can or can't be present.
  • Additional menu is creating dynamically from pages that is present inside of page as a link. It works like mix of "cloud of links" and "bread crumbs". So you open links and it's on the menu.

Source code is available on GitHub.

Get the latest version with the command: $ git clone --branch=master git@github.com:MySmile/mysmile.git

See unstable development version: $ git clone --branch=dev git@github.com:MySmile/mysmile.git

Also read documentation or try demo for more information.