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MySmile is the lightweight open-source CMS based on Django. It helps to create websites with configurable design and minimum cost.

MySmile is best choose for:
  • Small websites aimed on static content with limited dynamic. For example such: "Personal site", "Startup business", "Advertising new Project/Product", etc.
  • Some prototypes/ideas that now looks tiny but has enormous potential to grow. Because MySmile use Django framework it breaks all barriers for implementation your new features.
  • Freshmen Python developers for studying and experimenting.
Innovation MySmile features:
  • Use newspaper text organize technology like: columns, incuts.
  • REST API helps construct mobile and desktop application
  • Moreover REST API client is available, for now it is php client with examples and unitTests
  • Design can be modified by admin panel without any additional program coding.
  • There are more then 27 unique designers combination! How we get them? Let's look into calculation. Every page consists of the 3 parts: central-column, right-column, bottom-column. Right-column can have 3 columns. And right-column has also 3 components: photo, youtube, text. Additionally every element can or can't be present.
  • Additional menu is creating dynamically from pages that is present inside of page as a link. It works like mix of "cloud of links" and "bread crumbs". So you open links and it's on the menu.

Development version is available on GitHub: git clone https://github.com/MySmile/MySmile.git.

Please read documentation or try demo for more information.

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