download v0.7.1,
  1. Added IMAGE_AUTOSCALE preference to admin panel
  2. Protected admin login page from brute-force attack
  3. Added "view on site" button to admin panel
  4. Updated docs
download v0.7.0,
  1. Optimized DB queries
  2. Added theme switcher in the admin panel
  3. Added MySmile version notification in the admin panel
  4. Integrated Bower
  5. Updated docs
download v0.6.2,
  1. Fixed language flags in the admin panel
  2. Updated settings
  3. Refactored email spam protection
  4. Updated code with PEP8 style
  5. Made images responsive
  6. Django 1.8 support!
download v0.6.1,
  1. Added new design theme based on Bootstrap 3
  2. Renamed old design as a classic theme
  3. Added version number on the admin panel
  4. Bug fixed images are removed after page was deleted
  5. Bug fixed change language in admin panel
download v0.6.0,
  1. Added global setting quality for uploaded images
  2. Added description to image preview in page list table into admin
  3. Added full cache pages. It's auto renewal when detect changes through admin panel
  4. Bug fixed hide language flag if only one is provided
download v0.5.3,
  1. Added compressor for css and js
  2. Integrated Travis CI and Coveralls
  3. Fixed delete images from server through admin panel
  4. Updated docs
  5. Django 1.7 support!
download v0.5.2,
  1. Added Responsible Design
  2. Refactored code to support themes
download v0.5.1,
  1. Added ability to select the language in the admin
  2. Added flexible 404 error page
  3. Updated docs
download v0.5.0,
  1. E-mail address was converted to image to protect against spam bots
  2. Improved image preview in admin panel
  3. Applied class based view (CBV)
  4. Added functionality to edit config parameters by admin panel
  5. Implemented new page types: "api page" and "api & menu page"
  6. Updated docs
download v0.4.1,
  1. Added REST_API setting parameter to turn on/off REST API
  2. Added autocomplete sortorder-field for new pages
  3. Easy to switch between local and production versions with a single parameter DEBUG
  4. Changed response of contents resource of REST API
  5. Updated layout if project has only one language then flag icon is not displayed
  6. Improved separation of project settings
  7. Bug fixed of sitemap generation
download v0.4.0,
  1. Added REST API and documentation for them
  2. Added PHP Rest Api Client
  3. Improved HTML5 support
download v0.3.0,
  1. Added Unit tests
  2. Converted technical documentation to Sphinx
  3. Bug fixed related with dynamic menu
  4. Changed project directory structure
  1. Add apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png
  2. Improved managing of localization articles by admin panel
  3. Tested for Django 1.6
  1. Usability was improved for Admin panel
  2. Code was refactored
  3. Added support of Django 1.5.x series
  1. Usability was improved of menu
  2. Several bugs were fixed
  1. Added new page type: "inner_page"
  2. Integrated YouTube
  3. Improved usability of admin panel
  4. Code was refactored
  5. Parameter MAX_NUM_PAGE was disabled
  1. Bug fixed in the Sitemap.xml
  2. Code was formatted
  1. Created prototype
  1. Start of discussion with friends and correction idea
  2. Created technical documentation
  3. Developed Logo and design